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Coffee Shop

A cozy atmosphere which will invite you into our heritage building, and ask you to never leave

Our Coffee Shop

Based at the beautiful Blackbrook Barns, we provide freshly baked cakes and locally roasted coffee

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Local produce
Freshly baked cakes
Free onsite parking

Wheel chair access
Disabled toilets / baby changing facilities

Coffee on Table

Luxury Soft Play

Our state of the art Luxury Soft Play will reshape, redefine and refresh your view of traditional soft play area

Luxury play space

Our Mission

We want to become the hub of Blackbrook Barns and to create an environment that encourages our guests to linger, connect with others, and escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a sense of belonging and make our space a sanctuary that you never want to leave.


Blackbrook Barns
Preparing Dough

Freshly Baked Cakes & Pastries

All of our cakes and pastries are freshly baked and supplied by an award winning local bakery

Fresh Roasted Coffee

The perfect coffee blend

Our coffee is supplied by a local company who source their beans from around the world, to find the perfect blend

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