Luxury Soft Play

Step into our brand new soft play and prepare to have your perceptions of soft play transformed forever.

Our soft play area

Our state of the art, best-in-class, clean play area.

We didn’t want to create the usual soft play with bright colours and harsh lighting. Instead we wanted to create a space which is inviting to grab a coffee and cake and relax whilst your little one plays. Either catch up with friends, have some time to yourself or even plug in and send that email that’s been playing on your mind!

Traditional soft plays encourage children to run and jump from any height, in the comfort that the walls and floor are padded so they can't be injured.

However we wanted to create something more innovative, something which actually teaches children about the real world whilst also having fun. Which is why all our materials have been designed in a child friendly way, but which also offer an element of growth.

For example, we have purposely designed some areas to have hard textures, teaching the children that they can’t just throw themselves off the highest point, instead they have to learn that there are risks and to improve their cognitive function as they begin to learn to analyse situations and improve their decision making